"I understand that your purchase is not an inexpensive one and I thank you for choosing me as

"Your Artist". 

I promise to make your sentimental investment worth it, along with years of non stop attention and enjoyment, Thank you! "

PLEASE NOTE: Each helmet design is individually made to order and done by REK and is considered an Original.

Motorcycle helmets used are DOT, SNELL or ECE rated.

Designs are NOT Mass Produced but can be handmade again.

Company logos and specific names will not be duplicated.  
No helmet design will EVER be EXACTLY like another as this is artwork done by hand making each one an original.

*All artwork done on motorcycle helmets and bikes are utilized with High End Automotive paints: House of Kolor , ALSA and PPG*


Best Motorcycle Helmets



I had the pleasure to meet and take a class with one of my Idols,  Jon Kosmoski who is the founder of House of Kolor.  

Cool Motorcycle Helmets



In my early 20's I  Graduated with my Bachelors in Electronic Engineering and traveled to Hong Kong numerous of times to launch out an Electronic product for the Company I worked for and came to realize that all I studied for and built was being massed produced in a third world Country.....
Realizing that made me even more appreciative of the United States and all that I have to offer in it and for it;
That's the moment I decided to go on my journey...

I left the Electronic Corporation but utilizing all that I have accomplished throughout my years of life, all my credentials earned, experiences and knowledge for the ride.
 I was adamant on becoming a Full Time Artist .
With my deepest appreciation with recognition to my loyal clients, new comers and fans,  I get to pursue what I love and in return I give my clients my all and it shows in the work!

I'm a very talkative person who enjoys a conversation (when available) I cherish family, believe in please and thank you, I am grateful for what I have and what I had growing up.

 It made me who I am today and I am able to teach my children moral values.

 I'm always a busybody; you will never catch me sitting around, I have to be moving even on my days off!

I strive to give all that I have in my work in every aspect; whether it be Engineering or Airbrushing, 

I'm open to all possibilities;  being innovative with each and every project.



I go by the name "REK" which originated when I was a teenager tagging up graffiti art and drawing Cartoon Characters on my school binders, folders and sneakers.

Always the rebel in Advanced Art class who would refuse to draw the "exact" drawing asked by

The Art Teacher;

boy did I get under her skin!
I was always adding more to my art and never failing to give it

 My Art Teacher wasn't pleased but I stuck with
"What I thought was best" and people seemed to like it!

I was asked to draw flyer's for school, did some mural work some Miami based Day Cares,

sneakers, shirts, book bags,
 you name it!

Growing up I didn't have much.

I had the couch as my bed and the living room as my bedroom space of my Mothers 1 bedroom apartment shared with my younger brother in NW Miami.

My Mother tried her best with what she had but there was no money and very little support to pursue my dreams but I did not let the hardships overcome me with my ways and my dream of becoming an Artist.

Custom Airbrush Artist- Airbrushing and custom painting cars, bikes, motorcycle helmets and canvas. Motorcycle helmet decals also available. Located in Miami Florida USA shipping WORLDWIDE! #Rekairbrush @REKAIRBRUSH